Biscuits and Gravy
Handmade cream and sausage gravy on top of hot biscuits, garnished with green onions.  Super good & even better with our hot sauce!
Add Hash brown hot dish or home fries and 2 eggs:
Breakfast Platter
2 eggs, hash brown hot dish or home fries, bacon or sausage patty with Texas toast toasted on the flat top with butter.  Served with your choice of peanut butter, strawberry habanero jam, jalapeno jam or plain ol' strawberry jam.
Breakfast Sandwich
2 eggs, bacon or sausage patty and cheese on sourdough toasted on the flat top with butter.  Pretty much a breakfast grilled cheese sandwich!
French Toast
2 pieces of Texas toast dipped in our spiced batter and cooked on the flat top with butter.  Served with maple syrup and whipped cream.
Belgian Waffle
Brown sugar and cinnamon in the batter makes this waffle super awesome.  Served with handmade whipped cream and maple syrup.
Chicken and Waffles
3 smoked & crispy fried whole jumbo chicken wings tossed in our spicy maple syrup on top of a waffle.  Served with sausage gravy.  Truly a great combo!  Add some eggs ($1.99) 
Cheese, Hash & Gravy
Hash browns and cheese cooked into a waffle, smothered with our handmade sausage gravy and 2 eggs any style.  Garnished with green onions.  The perfect breakfast!!
Ribs and Waffles
A half rack of ribs cut into bones and fried till perfectly crispy.  We then toss them in our spicy (not too spicy) maple syrup.  Served on top of a Belgian waffle. 
You should totally add eggs to this beast for $1.99 more!