Fun Facts

As of Feburary 1st, 2022, we will no longer be using any recipes or products that contain seed oils or corn syrup with the exception of flour tortillas and sliced white bread served with BBQ. We have NEVER fried in seed oils or used them on their own for any of our recipes. The only exception would be mayo. Basically we are announcing the fact that we will no longer use conventional mayo. We fill our fryers with lard, use butter & tallow to cook with & use olive oil for sauces & dressings. The following is a little breakdown of menu items that we changed to meet this criteria or have always been made that way but we just thought we would let you know:

-All of our bread (except the flour tortillas & white bread served with BBQ) are made by Diamond City Bread in Elk River. They do not use any seed oils, preservatives or dough conditioners in their loaves of bread. You can check out their website to learn more about the method they use to make their wonderful bread. We DO bake our own SEED OIL FREE buns out of organic heritage wheat from Sunrise Flour Mill. They are pretty awesome.

-Diamond City peasant bread will be used instead of our big sourdough slices. . Our corn tortillas have always been handmade with smoked tallow.

-On occasion, we will have sandwich specials that use a hoagie bun. At the moment, we do not have a clean source for those, so for now that bread will contain seed oils & all the other fun ingredients.

-Our waffle mix that we use unfortunately has trace amounts of soybean oil in the dry mix. We prepare it with butter, so we aren't dumping any seed oils in it, but soybean oil is present in trace amounts in the dry mix. We do serve a corn syrup based maple syrup with the waffles. Real maple syrup is available for an additional charge.

-We will be using Sunrise Flour Mill heritage organic white flour for all of our in house baking (biscuits & gravy). You can check out this amazing local company at to learn more about it.  They claim that this type of flour is not only healthier, but it can be easier for people to digest. It's not gluten free, but some folks who are gluten sensitive claim to be able to tolerate it, allegedly.

-We will replace our roasted garlic mayo with a hand made garlic olive oil & tallow aioli. Anything else that was made with mayo (green goddess, BBQ ranch, coleslaw dressing, white BBQ sauce, etc.) will be made with our house made olive oil & tallow aioli. We are aiming to have everything taste the same, maybe even better? Our peanut butter is organic & seed oil free.

-Our BBQ sauces & hot sauce are all made in-house without the use of corn syrup. The ketchup we will serve will also be free of corn syrup. The soda we serve are conventional sodas, so that contains corn syrup. We have other options for bevearges, so those are easily avoided. We also serve maple syrup that contains corn syrup. We DO have real pure maple syrup available for a small up-charge.

-Did you know that the first time your coffee or tea gets rinsed of pesticides or whatever else is sprayed on it is in your pot when you brew it? Yup. Conventional coffee & tea are incredibly toxic. We serve organic & fair trade coffee & tea & they are quite delicious.

The 8 industrial, inflammatory seed oils are considered to be canola, corn, cottonseed, sunflower, safflower, grapeseed & rice bran. We are not going to get into all the health details, a simple google search can lead you to a million articles that state how horrible they are for you. They are in almost every processed food item, salad dressing, sauce, soup... veggies & meat are grilled with these crap oils, it's in almost every single deep fryer at restaurants... these oils are in EVERYTHING & it really needs to stop. Corn syrup too!! We hope some of you will find this beneficial & hope all of you think it tastes good.