Currently we only sell our canned goods at our restaurant.
All canned goods are $5.99
Caramelized Onion Jam
Strawberry Habanero Jam
Bourbon Apple BBQ Sauce
Mango Habanero Hot Sauce
Pepper Berry Mustard
XXX hot sauce
Our totally crazy hot sauce made from ghost chili, bhut jalokia, scotch bonnet, fermented garlic and smoked tomatoes is available for purchase!  $4.99 a bottle
Handmade Tallow Soap!
Yes!  We make soap out of the tallow we trim from our briskets before we smoke them!
Some varieties we have are:
Oat & Honey
Earl Grey & Honey
Green Tea & Honey
Berry Red Tea
Coffee & Nag Champa
Rose Geranium
Rose, Rosemary & Fir Needle
Sea Salt & Sage
Pumpkin & Spice
The above listed are all types of soap that we carry right now & are subject to change due to what sells out & what we keep making.  All soaps are made with quality ingredients & have minimal fragrances & colorings added.  The only frangrances or colorings we use are essential oils or ingredients like tea, coffee, actual pumpkin, etc.  Soaps are priced by the ounce & average $1.50 per ounce.
Tallow Body Balm
Made with tallow that is infused with herbs & emuslified with quality ingredients like handmade herbal tinctures & organic witch hazel.  Super good stuff & a little goes a long way!  $10
Super Awesome Lip Balm!
Not made from tallow!  This is a coconut oil based lip balm set with organic beeswax and scented with essential oils.  This stuff is so good & it actually works very well.
More items coming soon!!!  I'm so excited!!!