About us

Hey!  Thanks for stopping by!  We are Jellybean and Julia's!  Well, actually, we are Koli and Cory, and our daughters' middle names are Jellybean and Julia.  We Just opened a little restaurant on West Main Street in Anoka, MN in the Anoka Shopping Center... the former Anoka Coffee Shop location.  We specialize in BBQ, burgers and fun sandwiches.  All of our food is scratch made, even the sauces and pickles.

We started as hobby farmers, making pickles and sauces and selling them at farmers markets.  Eventually we turned that into a commercial canning business.  Along with that, we did BBQ catering with our trailer smoker.  Then we ran a food truck for a few years where we developed the menu we have today at our restaurant.  After a few years of taking a break working full time jobs, we dove back into self employment.  So here we are!  Come stop by, say hi and eat some food!!

Fun Gluten Facts:

We are NOT a dedicated gluten free kitchen!  We DO offer food that we make from scratch that does not contain gluten.  If you are casually living a gluten free lifestyle for funsies or weight loss purposes, these items will suit you well.  If you do have a serious allergy like celiac disease, you may also be fine.  But please know that we are a tiny kitchen & we use gluten products & cross contamination of gluten may be possible.  We could offer you our BBQ and a few sides (beans, coleslaw, potato salad, soup, fries, chili) that are not made with gluten & serve it to you WITHOUT the bread or cornbread fritters.  So, we actually do have quite a bit of gluten free products, but we are not a gluten free kitchen.  If you have a serious allergy to gluten, please let us know when you order & we can explain this to you again... about not being a dedicated gluten free kitchen... and we can see how to accommodate you.  You can order platters without the bread & fritters!  Be sure to say that when ordering.  Also... we do not carry GF bread at the moment.  

Gluten free foods 

All of our BBQ meats, potato salad, soup, chili, fries/tots (we do fry gluten products in our fryer though), beans, coleslaw, burger patties, cheese, all of our sauces, jams, bacon, sausage, eggs, hash brown hot dish.

Gluten FULL Foods

Mac & Cheese, Bread, any sandwiches made with bread, texas toast that comes with BBQ platters, biscuits, gravy, waffles, cornbread fritters.

Fun Facts about our location: 

-We are a very small restaurant with only about 30 seats.  During busy times (Fri, Sat, Sun) we do fill up.  Not only is our dining area small, but so is our kitchen.  When we do fill up (usually all at once), ticket times to get your food can get to be about 30 minutes.

-On the topic of being a small restaurant, we also DO NOT HAVE A PUBLIC BATHROOM!!!!  We understand that this is a huge inconvenience & we apologize.  We are already scheming ideas to expand to add a bathroom for our customers, but for now, that is not an option at our location.  Please come prepared for this inconvenience & we hope that you understand.  There has been a restaurant in our location as far back as anybody can remember & there has never been a public bathroom in it.  Previous owners have allowed customers to use the bathroom back in the kitchen, but that is actually NOT AN OPTION.  It is a serious health code violation & it poses serious safety risks for customers.

-We do NOT take reservations!  Seats are first come, first served.  We totally love the folks that want to plan ahead and bring a large party to our restaurant.  We are so happy you want to eat our food and share it with your friends and family!  We cannot save tables though... we can't tell people to leave a table because another party is coming & we can't hold tables in advance while we have people waiting in our entrance.  We hope you understand.  Again... the whole small restaurant thing...

- PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!!!  DO NOT bring in outside food & beverages (small children with sippy cups & bottles are of course the exception)!!!!!!  We are a small business & rely on your patronage.  We appreciate that you are patronizing other small & local businesses, but please enjoy those products before coming in to our establishment.  I really hate having to even say this, but we see A LOT of people bring in their caribou or starbucks or even a whole meal from another restaurant & think that it is OK to take up tables, use our resources & our paid staff without purchasing anything from us.  That is pretty rude & I thought it was common knowledge that the practice of doing that is frowned upon.  So here I am asking you to not bring in outside food & drink into our small business.  If you are having a small party with a cake, we will charge you a cutting/plate fee of $2.00 a person.  Please call us ahead of time to discuss that option.