Fun Facts

This page is to help answer some FAQ's y'all might have about our menu.

We are NOT a dedicated gluten free kitchen. We do not carry gluten free bread products. We are a tiny kitchen & do not have the space to store it. In addition to that, we ARE a dedicated seed oil free restaurant (just the sliced wonder bread & flour tortillas are conventional & do contain seed oils. Those are only offered for free with the BBQ. All bread & buns used for sanwiches are seed oil free) & a ton of GF bread products do contain seed oils & ingredients that we avoid. Our deep fryers are NOT gluten free. We are working to get one dedicated GF, but right now they are not. All of our BBQ is GF!! Our rubs & sauces are GF & no gluten products go in the smoker. The Hashbrown Hotdish, Coleslaw & Beans are GF as well. A bunless burger would be GF, but it is cooked on a flat top grill that we toast buns on. So our advice would be to eat BBQ if you are GF.

We use Sunrise Flour Mill flour for all of our in-house baking & breading. It is a wonderful local product made in North Branch, MN. It is NOT gluten free flour, but they claim it is better digested by gluten sensitive folks. It is non-hybridized HERITAGE wheat grown organically, never bleached & never bromated. Check out their website for more details at We do have some of their flour for sale as well.

Our buns are made to our specific recipe by our friends at Diamond City Bread in Elk River & they are seed oil free & made with heritage wheat. They are amazing.

Our hot links are made by our old neighbors Anoka Meat & Sausage!

All of our food is handmade. It does not come out of a shelf stable jug or a box in the freezer. We care about the food we put out & we hope you appreciate the effort we put into it. For this reason, we charge for all additional sauces, toppings, sides, etc. We put extra value & cost into our menu items & try to keep our prices as low & competitive as possible, but we will charge for extras. All menu items will come with a set amount of sauces, extras will be extra. On that note, WE DO NOT CARRY CONVENTIONAL MAYO! We make our own with tallow & avocado oil. It's not the same as mayo you find at other restaurants & we are proud of that!! We are very sorry if you don't appreciate or like it, but that's how we roll.

We are a seed oil free restaurant with only 2 exceptions... the free cheap bread & tortillas normally served with Texas BBQ: sliced white sandwich bread & flour tortillas. You can take it or leave it. You don't even need it, but it is a free option for you when getting BBQ & we can't affordably source those items seed oil free. We use beef tallow in our fryers & cook with butter & avocado oil. Avocado & olive oil are used in our sauces & dressings.

Our fries are fresh handcut fries. We blanch them in the fryers & fry them again to order. They are not like the frozen fries in a box that almost every other restaurant uses, so you may not be used to the style. They are delicious & fried in beef tallow, but very different than most other fries offered at restaurants. I'd compare ours to 5 Guys. Order a different side dish if you like the frozen box style of fries. 

Our BBQ is cooked to an internal temperature of at least 200 degrees. We use wood smoke & the heat from a live fire to cook it. If you see pink in the BBQ meat, we assure you that it is not raw! The smoke colors the meat a pink color in the "smoke ring". In smaller cuts of meat like ribs, that pink color can penetrate to the bone. The marrow from the bones can also color the meat in a way that some folks think it is undercooked.  It is not.

Our wings are brined & double fried. They are more juicy than most wings that are offered by other restaurants, but being juicy does not mean they are undercooked. All wings are timed in our fryers & temped before leaving the kitchen for safety. If you have an issue, please let us know immediately.

If you have any allergies or food issues, please tell the server or bartender when placing your order so we can make sure what you order is appropriate for you. We are implementing an ALL SALES FINAL policy with ordering food. If we screw something up, we will remake it or make you something else. WE WILL MAKE IT RIGHT. That will only happen if you only take a few bites & can give us back the food & show us the mistake. You cannot get to-go food & call us a few days later & expect a refund. We want everyone happy & to be repeat customers. We are not in business to do a bad job, but we are having a hard time with people wanting refunds for perfectly good food & we will not give refunds for perfectly good food that was served the way it was supposed to be made.