We changed our hours!
Tuesday-Thursday: 11am-2pm-BREAK-4pm-8pm
Friday: 11am-8pm
Saturday: Breakfast 9am-11am, BBQ lunch/dinner 11am-8pm
Sunday Brunch 9am-2pm
Check out our INSTAGRAM (@jellybeanjulias) and FACEBOOK page to see what fun specials we are running currently!
All Sandwiches are served with handmade pickles and 1 side.

Pulled Pork Sandwich:
Tender pulled pork served on a toasted brioche bun. The pork is served with NO SAUCE. You are in charge of saucing how you like.
Make it a brisket sandwich for: $11.99

Our crazy grilled cheese sandwich that was developed on the food truck. A giant greasy spoon diner style sandwich that has a little bit of everything... pulled pork, bacon, cheese, grilled onion, jalapeno jam and roasted garlic mayo!

Grilled Cheese Sandwich:
Add Bacon: $9.99

Be sure to ask if we have any daily specials!!!
All burgers are 1/3 pound Certified Angus Beef patties that are seared with butter on the flat top grill, served on a toasted brioche bun with 1 side and handmade pickles.
Plain Single Burger: $8.99
Plain Double Burger: $11.99
Add Cheese: $1.00
Blue, cheddar, American
Add Bacon: $1.50
Maconstein: $12.99
Its our Frankenstein burger. Bacon, provolone, a massive deep fried mac & cheese patty topped with BBQ ranch sauce.
Black Jack Blue : $12.99
Blackened burger with cajun spices, topped with bacon and slices of monterey jack blue cheese, slathered with roasted garlic mayo
Chubber Nutter :$13.99
We won 2 awards at the Twin Cities Burger Battle with this one, basically the Trucker burger with a fried egg and peanut butter added. So good you might die, but please don't die for real #CONTAINSPEANUTS
Trucker Burger!
These are the burgers we sold on our food truck. Loaded with cheese, bacon, grilled onions and roasted garlic mayo. Totally awesome.
Single Trucker: $12.99
Double Trucker: $16.99
Be sure to check out our daily burger specials!
Extra burger add ons:
Roasted garlic mayo
Jalapeno jam
Grilled onions
Peanut Butter
Fried egg
$.99 each
BBQ Combos:

Single Platter (Feeds 1):
1 meat, 1 side, pickles and a couple of corn bread fritters.
Ribs: 1/2 rack $18.99  Full rack $26.99
Pulled Pork: $11.99
Brisket: $14.99
3 Jumbo Whole Chicken Wings: $11.99

Sampler Platter (feeds 1-2):
Brisket and pulled pork with a sampling of mac & chz, potato salad,
coleslaw and beans. Served with pickles and a couple of our new corn bread fritters.
With slightly smaller portions of everything, this is great for someone with a big appetite or folks who don't and want to try it all!!

Double Platter (Feeds 2):
2 meat (brisket and pulled pork), 2 sides, pickles and 4 corn bread fritters. Sub ½ rack of ribs for pulled pork when available:
add $2.00

Family Platter (feeds 4 or more):
1 pound each of pulled pork & brisket. 1 pint each of our 4 sides. 4 peices of texas toast, 8 cornbread fritters with jalapeno jam & handmade pickles.

Bulk Meat: 1lb
Pulled pork $15.99
Beef Brisket $21.99
Ribs: 1/2 rack $15.99  Full rack $23.99
Jumbo Whole Chicken Wings: $2.50 each
we only make a certain amount each day.

Small side: $3.00
Pints: $6.99
Mac & Chz: Cavatappi noodles with lots of cheese and a blend of special seasonings. Definitely not plain.
Coleslaw: Creamy and tangy.
BBQ Beans: With pulled pork and
Fritters: deep fried cornbread balls made with shredded cheese, topped with jalapeno jam. Small side is considered 3 fritters. Bulk order fritters for $1.00 each.
French Fries: Thick cut, seasoned with our BBQ rub.
Side Dish Special: Ask your server! It's always changing & we usually have 2 or more. Some options may be:
-Smoked Tomato Soup
-Brisket Chili
-Butternut Squash Gratin
-Dirty Corn
-Sweet Potato Hot Dish
-Collard Greens
and whatever random madness we come up with!
When placing a to-go order for more than 10 items during lunch (11am-1pm), please place your order the day before so we can accommodate your needs.  When placing any to-go order during lunch, please place your order AT LEAST 30 minutes before you need to pick it up.  We will of course take any call in order!!  We only say this to make sure we can get your order filled when you want to pick it up! THANKS!!